Drum Keys Tuning Tools

As a drummer, tuning your drum is one of the most important maintenance activities. Before the drummer starts playing or recording, these guys should ensure that the drum is well tuned and ready to sound good. Generally drum kit contains brass drum, cymbal, snare, hi-bats and toms. While tuning your drum set, start with tuning the snare drums.

At the beginning tune the top head. Each of the lug is to be turned clockwise to increase the tension of the head and to increase the drum pitch. The drummer can also tune one lug and then tune the lug on its opposite side preferably 180 degrees away. The drums are bound to sound better when you do not tune these tugs in a circular sequence. One should be careful not to tune too high as the heads tend to break easily.

Test the pitch of each lug while tuning your drum set when finished by lightly playing about one inch away from the lug with a drumstick. While tuning your drum set ensure that all lugs have equal pitch. Remember to tune your drum at this point.